Jimmy Choo’s, Steve Madden’s, Christian Louboutin’s….

Dear friendliest friends,

This is another post for my female friendliest friends.

Those designer names on top does ring a bell doesn’t it? They are famous shoe designers especially sky-scraping 10 inch high heels. They do make women look more feminine and sexy but what does it do to your body?

1. Foot pain due to resting all your body weight on the balls of the feet

2. Calluses (hardened skin)

3. Bunions

4. Corns

5. Misshapen hammertoes

6. Sore calves.

7. Protruding veins from daily wearing of high heels and once a vein protrudes, they don’t usually tend to go back in.

8. Sprained ankles

9. Affects the natural curve of the spine. Lower back becomes more arched than usual to keep you positioned upright while in high heels.

10. Lower back pain. Due to the constant pressure on the balls of the feet causing uneven weight distribution hence low back pain is often the result. Nerves can also be stressed in the lower back due to the odd posture held while in high heels.

Book an appointment today if any of these symptoms are happening or has happened to any of you.


To the women out there that cannot possibly give up their love for sexy high heels, here are 5 tips to minimize the symptoms.

1. Get the best-fitting high heel possible. One that doesn’t allow the foot to slide forwards and leaving a gap behind the heels. If it does happen, it creates more pressure and pain to the toes.

2. Cushion, cushion, cushion. Full-shoe insert or a metatarsal pad where you place it at the ball of the foot if you experience pain at that area which is commonly due to the weight placement.

3. Wear open toe-heels to relieve pressure on corns and calluses. Go to a podiatrist to professionally remove and correct the problem that is causing them.

4. Thicker heel for stability. This will ensure better balance and distributes the weight more evenly.

5. Slope or pitch of the heel. Where most heels gives a straight drop down to the flatbed portion on the shoe, ensure you wear one that has a gradual slope which eases the arch and eases the pain at the ball of the foot.

To all the women out there young or old, you are beautiful in many ways. Make the best decisions for yourself.


p.s: Did you know that the feet account for one quarter of all the human body’s bones? In total, 52 of them.

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