Happy National Dog Day!!


8 weeks old

Dear friendliest friends,

As per the title, this post would be written in celebration of man’s best friend. I have a 6 months and 5 days black Labrador puppy. She is pretty full on in terms of my schedule. Having to start work at 9.00 am every morning, I normally wake up at 7.30 am to perform my morning rituals. Because of my puppy, I now wake up at 5.00 am to feed her. I guess this sorts of prepare me towards the reality of motherhood in the future perhaps? *wink wink*

Last night was the most horrific night ever for the 4 months that I have had her. She woke me up every single hour from 2.00 to 5.00 am. Everyone that knows me knows that I get cranky when I am lack of sleep. I would feel like I was involved in a car crash. That was how I felt this morning. I know the guys would be rolling their eyeballs believing that women are dramatic but literally that was how I felt. A little honesty wouldn’t hurt would it?

Not trying to be a negative Nancy here. I love her to bits. Oops. I think I  might have forgotten to introduce my little pup’s name. She was named after a cut of prime steak. Fillet Mignon, Mignon in short. You know if Gwyneth Paltrow can name her daughter Apple, I can name my dog Mignon. It was meant to be an ice-breaker towards a conversation sort of thing anyway.

She definitely has a lot of quirks. On top of all that, because of her, I look forward to coming home from a full day of work every day cause I would be greeted at the door by a big black Labrador puppy wagging her tail profusely in excitement. You would feel immensely welcomed. I just love that feeling. Hard work does pay off for the amount of love that you are showered with. Unconditional love they say.

If there is one thing that Mignon has taught me, it would have to be to love. Being a chiropractor, even though I get paid for my professionalism, I never fail to shower my patients with love. Love is universal, patient and kind. I believe that if I approach my patients in a way that I am a friend in lines with keeping my professionalism, I am able to make a larger impact towards their health. After all, being a chiropractor we play many roles. A counsellor, a friend, a role model, a teacher and a giver. And yet again, I would want to say that today is a good day to be a chiropractor (quote Dr Randy Beck).

p.s: During your lifetime, you will produce enough saliva to fill two swimming pools. Can you imagine a slobbery black Labrador puppy salivating? That would fill twenty swimming pools I reckon. Happy National Dog Day again!


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