Imperfectly Perfect

Dear friendliest friends,

Today, on a rainy Monday morning, I would like to share my all-time-favourite video. One that I have cried numerous times. One that makes a lot of sense to me and I hope for you too.

Everyone has flaws. We are all not made perfect. The trick here is to find someone that is imperfectly perfect for you. It takes a lot of patience and tolerance but if everyone has a checklist of what they expect of one another, there can be no love.

Having scoliosis is a tragic fate. Anyone with scoliosis would agree with me. Clothes do not look good or does not fit at certain parts of the body. You are also not comfortable in taking off clothes or wearing a bikini. I myself have struggled in the past. Nothing would look good but I believe there is always another way. As toddlers, when we first start walking, we often times do stumble and fall. But natural instincts are to stand up and walk again. Same applies here. Even though I am befallen this condition, I am always trying to not make it a stumbling block in life. I love bodycon dresses but bodycon dresses or body-hugging attires are not suitable but if I insist on wearing it, I would sometimes put on a jacket or outerwear that would conceal the lateral curves. If I go to the beach, I would wear a one piece suit. There is always a way out.

The key is to really have confidence in yourself. That is more attractive than physical attractiveness. This applies to non-scoliotic friends as well of course. Inner confidence is a highly likable feature of someone.

To all my scoliotic friends out there, you are not alone. My point of this post is, I know that we are made imperfect but the journey in life is to find someone who can accept your flaws and accept that we are imperfectly perfect for them. That is what I call true love. Be confident my scoliotic friends that you are beautiful.

p.s: Today I found out that I share the same birth day as Enrique Iglesias, David Attenborough and Darren Hayes (lead singer of Savage Garden). How interesting.

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