Launching a professional blog

Dear friendliest friends,

After months of contemplating to start a blog, here I am sitting at my office sipping a cup of delicious English Breakfast Tea getting all tippy-toed about writing my first ever post. Where should I start? What should I talk about? What topics would intrigue my fellow friendliest friends aka patients whom I call my friendliest friends?

Well, I should start with an introduction.

I am a first year graduate chiropractor currently working at Gentle Chiropractic North Perth. My inspiration to be a chiropractor came about when I was 16 years old. My father’s brother was visiting at that time and he noticed that I had a one-sided hump. Having a mother who is all-so-very-concerned about her children’s well-being, I was brought to one orthopaedic surgeon after another. I was diagnosed with scoliosis (lateral curvature of the spine). I had an S-shaped spine which I think it stands for “special” in my terms. Having very little knowledge about the condition, I literally thought my life was going to end pretty soon. Thinking back, I sounded silly. Many orthopaedic surgeons gave me an option to have rods and bolts inserted on my spine in attempts to straighten it. My parents and I at that time, made a sound decision to turn down surgery and to look for alternative therapies. That is when I frequented a chiropractor in Kuala Lumpur. My weekends were mainly spent at the chiropractic clinic. I dreaded going to my therapies but today, I realize that if my parents did not persist, I would very much regret in regards to my spinal condition. I would be in a lot of agony, aches and having body distortion issues. That is when I decided that I would be a chiropractor in order to change a lot of teenagers lives by a simple spinal screen. That was my goal.

Today, I am able to do it. I am able to finally achieve my goals in order to make a difference in early spinal screening to prevent invasive procedures to a growing spine.

What fulfils me the most are the smiles that my patients give me after every treatment. A simple gratification is the most fulfilling gift that any health professional could ever receive.

Hence, that is why I am a chiropractor.

p.s: Did you know that both humans and long-necked giraffes have seven cervical vertebrae? Impressive given the giraffe’s height; however, this demonstrates well the flexibility and versatility of the spinal structure.


  1. ann lim · · Reply

    way to go dr. g!!!

  2. Chee Shin, Gan · · Reply

    julie~ nice way to intro! never knew you’ve gone through the chiropractic treatment urself. I’ll never get to be as inspired as you are to become a chiropractor yourself and help others in need. mostly is just ‘graduate from the course i simply picked and ended up dunno work where just for the sake of getting salary’. you achieved your goals!

    keep it up julie! =)

  3. Jone Yeoh · · Reply

    Julie, there is no one more appropriate to write what you just wrote. You have a good heart and and good goal. Many people in your field do not think like how you do. You are being the difference. With that you’d be a blessing to every patient you treat.

    Keep that good deed going, stay focus. You’ll always have me supporting you. Have a great journey, it is just the beginning. 🙂

  4. I had an appointment with you today and you didn’t show!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Have you left Australia? Very disapointing Miss Goh – hard to find good chiros – let me know if you are returning to Perth please (Sean speaking) –

    Hope you read this

  5. Ong Hock Siew · · Reply

    Wonderful to see you finding time to share your thoughts on your wonderful profession. I can testify to the effectiveness of your skilled hands. Many a time you have worked some marvellous results on my battered body. Keep it up…..

  6. Razak Ahmad · · Reply

    Terbaik Dr. J

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